The Xecrex operation was a secret experiment where scientists from Gobi Town would test a special serum on

A guinea pig for the Xecrex operation

young children and make them nearly invulnerable. Whoever is tested on with the serum, gets powerful Psychic powers and is strong enough to fight Giygas. The children that were tested on were first sedated then their human brain was surgically removed and placed with a robot brain with psychic powers. Martin spied on the scientists and even took part in the experiments even though he thought it was evil and inhumane. Martin thought that to defeat Giygas, sacrifices had to be made. He was kidnapped by Pook, who wanted to get information out of him by the operation. However, Sheldon, Jonathan, and Mayor Jones rescued Martin from Pook's clutches and defeated Pook. The Xecrex Operation base was destroyed and the guinea pigs did not survive the explosion. Pook had planted a bomb in the base.