Mayor Jones (real name Henri Jones) is the mayor of Gobi Town and father of Martin in Mother 4. He is

Mayor Jones as he appears in Mother 4.

the great great great grandson of Fredrich Jones the founder and first mayor of Gobi Town. Mayor Jones is a party member for a short time in Mother 4, when you have to rescue Martin from Pook. His signature move is PK revive where he can revive a party member who has been killed. As a party member, the mayor is unable to equip any weapons so he just fights with his bare hands. This would make sense though because the mayor is an expert in karate and does not need to use a weapon. His son, Martin is also an expert in the fighting style.

Appearance Edit

Mayor Jones is a man somewhere in his 40's. He is not very tall, only about 5'4 and weighs 130 pounds. He is in pretty good physical shape, despite his age, because he is a martial artist and a jogger. Mayor Jones has black hair which is slicked back, wears a buttoned white shirt with suspenders and a red bow tie. He also has a thin mustache growing and wears glasses.