Martin Jones is one the main characters and party members in Mother 4. He is the seventeen year old son of Mayor Jones
who likes to read and write, he is often called by a "book nerd" by Sheldon. Mayor Jones wants Martin to be educated so that he may be the mayor of Gobi Town one day. At the end of the game, Martin is a party member who helps you defeat Giygas. His special move is PK Vanish, a move where he turns invisible and conceals himself from enemies. Martin is also good at doing physical attacks on enemies because he learned Karate from his dad. Martin is unable to equip any weapons and just uses his bare hands to fight. At level 60 near the end of the game, he learns PK Blaze, an attack where he shoots fire at his enemies.

Appearance Edit

Martin is a handsome young boy with white hair, which he gets from his mother. He also has bright gray eyes and wears glasses, he has poor eyesight and reads in the dark a lot. He wears a buttoned shirt which is a light shade of purple and wears black jeans and a black tie. He also wears a watch which was a gift from his late mother. Martin is taller than his father the mayor, who is not very tall. Mayor Jones is only 5'4 while Martin is 5'11 inches tall. Martin is very skinny for his height, weighing only 129 pounds. The reason why he is thin is because he burns many calories, Martin is a gymnast, swimmer, and martial artist.