Gobi Town is a small town west of the Elephant Mountains and east of the city of Zen. It is the hometown of

What Gobi Town looks like.

Sheldon, Jonathan, Lawrence, and Kiki. The mayor of Gobi Town is a politician called Mayor Jones who is the father of Sheldon and Jonathan's friend Martin. It was destroyed by Giygas during the events of Mother 4 and its inhabitants were thought dead, but they were really still alive and had been captured by Giygas. Sheldon, Jonathan, and Martin were the only ones who had not been captured by Giygas. At the end of the game, Gobi Town's inhabitants are rescued and it is rebuilt.

Origin Edit

Gobi Town is named after Gobi, the grandfather of Fredrich Jones. Fredrich Jones was the founder of Gobi Town, he was a monk from the city of Zen who had given up life as a monk to settle down and have family. Fredrich Jones was the first mayor of Gobi Town and was the great great great grandfather of Mayor Jones in Mother 4.